Meet the Family Studies Team

The Family Studies Division is pivotal to the work of Juneau Biosciences. The division interviews and enrolls each participant, assists in acquiring their DNA sample, obtains a family history, and requests and reviews information necessary for validation of criteria for the study. Family Studies is the liaison between the science and the human factor involved in Juneau’s research. The division’s researchers are also instrumental in community awareness and research recruitment by participating in health fairs, presenting at various group meetings, and collaborating with physicians and relevant medical facilities.

If you have already enrolled to be a participant in our study, you have most likely spoken to one of these researchers!

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Endometriosis Research Study Newsletter  |  Summer 2009

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Anna Sharp, Peeches Cederholm, R.N., and Kathy Albury

(Not pictured: Katie Cederholm and Noelle Sharp)

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