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Endometriosis Research Study Newsletter  |  Fall 2009

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More Ways to Help

Have you already participated in the study and want to do more?  Here are a few simple ideas for you to continue to help this cause.

Write a letter to your doctor

We have found that when patients hear about the Genetic Endometriosis Research Study from their doctor, there is a high rate of enrollment.  If you would like to go above and beyond simply participating, please consider asking your doctor to take an interest in the success of this research.  We’ve even provided a sample letter for you!

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Refer-a-Friend cards

What better way to find out about this research than from a friend or a relative?  These nifty card holders and referral cards are a great item to keep in your purse.  Please let the loved ones in your life and those you know are affected with endometriosis know about our research by giving them a card. 

If you would like to receive these referral cards, please call our offices (1-888-362-4496 x150) and we will be happy to send a set of cards to you.

Distribute information

Tell your blog readers or social network site friends about End to Endo for a viral effect of spreading the word about this research.  Perhaps you’d like to provide brochures about the study to the women in your book club, leave some in your gym locker room, or pin one up on the bulletin board in your hair dresser’s salon (with permissions, of course).