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Endometriosis Research Study Newsletter  |  Fall 2009

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Featured Interview

Juneau’s active online community highlights the personal stories of women whose lives have been impacted by endometriosis.

In a recent interview with Katie Ward, a Juneau family studies researcher, one young woman reveals her courageous battle with the condition.  An excerpt from the interview is below:

Endometriosis had spread onto my ovaries, uterus, large and small intestines, as well as onto my bladder and much more. It had spread into many places of my body. My gynecologist had me first begin taking birth control pills and not long afterwards, I had my first laparotomy. And from there, I went through various treatments, including birth control pills, Depo Provera, Lupron shots, and several more laparotomies over the next five years. I would feel somewhat better for a while after each laparotomy, but then endometriosis continued to grow and I would eventually feel worse again after some time. All of the treatments were not enough to slow down the progression of my endometriosis for a very long time for me.